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Do You Need Water Mains Replacement Services?

We replace all water mains, even those under your property.
Our service helps residential, industrial, commercial and agricultural customers with all underground pipework replacement.

Using the latest and most advanced techniques including Impact moling or the more advanced pipe bursting or pipe pulling. These methods allow us to replace existing pipework / water & gas mains underneath your property without the need for trenches!

Some of the reasons our customers hire us is to:

  • Replace Water Mains That Run Under Homes, Industrial Units Or Any Building
  • Replace Non Accessible Water & Gas Mains
  • Replace Pipework & Mains Where Moling in Unsuitable, impractical or not even an option.
  • Replace Leaking Water Mains – These leaks could be leading to high water bills or in serious cases the leaking water could damage building foundations or even cause sinkhole’s.
  • Replace Old, Brittle, Crumbling or Rusty Water Mains – If you have poor drinking water quality this could be your reason.
  • Upgrading Size Of Water Mains – This is often carried out to increase water flow rate to a property
  • All of our pipe replacement services are carried out using trenchless techniques, providing you with complete peace of mind that minimal excavation will take place – potentially saving you thousands of pounds in the costs of making good of driveways, gardens, footpaths, outbuilding etc

When you call Trenchless Technology Ltd on 0800 731 3848, your call will be greeted by one of our knowledgeable, friendly staff who will be happy to provide you with help & advice.

Our Expert Pipe Replacement Team Are:

  • Kobus Trained & Qualified In Pipe Pulling
  • Fully Insured
  • Professional Plumbing Engineers
  • Gas Safe Registered
  • Will arrive with moling, pipe pulling & busting equipment
  • Used & Recommended By Kobus (Pipe Pulling Equipment Manufacturers)
  • The only dedicated UK, domestic pipe pulling service

The training & experience that our team has undertaken along with all the three forms of equipment ensures you the most practical, cost effective & non invasive water mains replacement service.

No water mains replacement job is too large for us, our team are able to replace or upgrade upto 100 meters of underground pipework in a single day – making our solution the most cost effective in the majority of cases!

Call us today on 0800 731 3848 to speak to one of our helpful & knowledgeable team.