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Bursting Pipes From 25mm to 90mm – From 5 to 60 Meter Single Runs

Lateral Pipe Bursting is one of the three forms of underground pipe replacement technologies that we utilize here at Trenchless Technology Ltd.

Lateral Pipe Bursting is used for large domestic, commercial, industrial and agricultrial underground pipe replacement and can achieve lengths of upto 60 meters in one single operation, with only 2 excavation points. Using Lateral Pipe Bursting our expert water main & drainage replacement teams are able to replace up to 200 meters of underground pipes per day.

Each run of upto 60 meters requires a sending & receiving pit to be excavated, these pits need to be approximately 1 meter square. Our specialist teams carefully plan the points of excavation with the cost of making good in mind – keeping the overall cost for you as low as possible.

The Lateral Pipe Bursting Process:

1) Sending & Receiving Pits Are Carefully Excavated Over Existing Pipework
2) The Pipe Burster Is Placed In Location At The Receving Pit
3) The Pull Cable Is Fed Through The Existing Underground Pipework
4) The Pipe Burster Is Connected To The Pull Cable Along With The New Pipe To Be Pulled Through
5) The Pipe Bursting Process Is Carried Our By Our Team Of Engineers, Carefully Bursting The Exising Pipe While Pulling The New Pipe Through The Old One.
6) The Engineers Remove The Pipe Bursting Equipment & Carry Out Final Checks To Ensure The New Pipe Is Correctly In Place & Water Tight.

Lateral Pipe Bursting Services

Lateral Pipe Bursting Specifications:

  • 25mm replacement or upgrade to 32mm or Higher – upto 60 meter’s in one run
  • 32mm replacement or upgrade to 50mm – upto 60 meter’s in one run
  • 50mm replacement or upgrade to 63mm – upto 60 meter’s in one run
  • 63mm replacement or upgrade to 90mm – upto 60 meter’s in one run

We Are Able To Use Lateral Pipe Bursting to:

  • Replace or Upgrade Water Mains
  • Replace or Upgrade Drainage Systems
  • Replace or Upgrade Ducting Systems

Pipe Bursting is the safest, fastest and most cost effective way of replacing underground water mains, drainage systems & ducting over 15 meters in distance

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