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Pulling Pipes From 15mm to 25mm – From 1 to 2o Meter Single Runs

Pipe pulling is one of three forms of trenchless technologies that we utilize here at Trenchless Technology Ltd.

Pipe Pulling is a technique that is used to pull new pipework or ducting, through existing pipework or ducting. It is upto 4 times quicker than other ways to replace underground service pipes.

Pipe Pulling servicesIt can be replace existing pipework or ducting over a distance of upto 22 meters per run, we are able to cover distances of approximately 80-100 meters per working day using the pipe pulling technology. This obviously requires 4-5 runs to be carried out consecutively.

Each run requires a sending & receiving pit to be excavated, these pits are a minumum size of approximetely 1ft x 1ft. Our expert pipe pulling teams plan the exact location of these sending / reciving pits to mimizise any costs of making good driveways, pathways, gardens & outbuildings etc.

The pipe pulling process:

a) Sending / receivcing pits are excavated
b) The Pipe puller is put into location
c) The Pull Cable is fed along the pipe to be replaced
d) The end of the pull cable is connected to the pipe puller
e) The Pipe Pulling Is Executed, removing the existing pipe while pulling a new pipe through.

We are able to use our pipe pulling technology on:

  • Lead Pipes
  • Galvanised Steel Pipes (Upto 1/2 Inch)
  • PVC Pipes
  • MDPE Pipes

Pipe Pulling Specifications:

Using our pipe pulling technology we are able to replace 20mm pipework like for like (in terms of diameter) or upgrade the pipework to 25mm.

We are also able to further upgrade this pipework to 32mm using our pipe bursting technology.

Pipe Pulling Is Commonly Used To:

  • Replace Water Mains (
  • Upgrade Bore Of Water Mains
  • Replace Or Upgrade The Size Of Underground Ducting
  • Upgrade The Bore Of Underground Irriagtion Systems

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