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Specialists In Replacing Water Mains Over 50 Meters Using Horizontal Drilling Technology

Are you searching for a water mains replacement in Soham, Cambridgeshire to install a new water main or replace your water main supply while minimizing inconvenience?

At ADI Water Mains Replacement, we employ cutting-edge horizontal drilling technology to replace or install new water mains and utility ducting with a focus on reducing disruption and keeping remedial costs to a minimum.

Our advanced horizontal directional drilling equipment empowers us to replace anywhere from 50 to 100 meters of water mains or ducting in a single day.

Please note that we do not take on mains replacement works of less than 30 meters in length in Soham.

Water Mains Replacement Methods

Horizontal Directional Drilling

Horizontal Directional Drilling offers the least disruptive method for installing or upgrading underground water mains pipes in Soham.

This drilling technique tends to be highly cost-effective for pipe lengths exceeding 20 meters or more. It involves the use of a specialized drilling rig to meticulously create a pilot hole and subsequently thread the pipe through this hole.

It's the ideal solution for preserving your driveway, garden, or any landscaped area, sparing them from the destructive consequences of conventional water main installation while minimizing the mess involved.


The most frequently employed technique by water mains replacement contractors in Soham is moling.

We only utilize moling as a technique to finalize the directional drilling process as we do not work on water mains replacements of less than 30 meters.

Moling utilizes specialized equipment, known as a "Mole," which is powered by a pneumatic drill to carve a pathway through the ground, facilitating the installation of a new water mains.

It's important to note that moling can be quite messy, time-consuming, and may render areas unusable for extended periods.

Trench Digging

The traditional method for water mains replacement is Trench Digging, which has been in use for many years.

As the name implies, this method entails manually excavating a narrow trench in the ground to facilitate the installation, inspection, or replacement of water mains pipes.

Trench Digging is a highly disruptive and time-consuming process, particularly on landscaped surfaces, where it can result in substantial remedial costs.

This technique is most suitable for new build sites where surface displacement is not a significant concern.

It's essential to note that Trench Digging is unquestionably messy, extremely time-consuming, and will invariably render areas unusable for extended periods.

Why Choose ADI To Replace Your Water Main Supply Pipe in Soham

Reliable & Experienced

Quality Workmanship

Fixed, Competitive Prices

Water Board Approved Engineers

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Domestic & Commercial Water Mains Replacement & Installation Specialists In Soham

As a long distance water mains installation & replacement contractor we work with both residential and commercial clients in Soham, Cambridgeshire.

We frequently provide our mains replacement services to residential properties with long driveways and water mains over 30 meters in length. 

Our horizontal directional drilling teams help with commercial water mains replacements & new installations of water mains and utility ducting.


The cost of replacing a water main varies depending upon where in the country you are, the length of the water main being replaced and the method utilized for the replacement.

We are usually the most cost effective solution for replacing or installing water mains or utility ducting over 30 meters in length.

For shorter distances a local moling contractor is likely to be the most cost effective solution.

We only provide a repair service as part of our water mains leak detection service.

If you have a leaking water main and a leak which you need locating then we are here to assist; we are able to carry out a repair once we have located the water leak.

If you have multiple leaks, then a replacement water main may be the best option!

The specifics of lead water main replacement grants can vary widely depending on the location.

Here’s a general idea of how a lead water mains replacement grant might work:

  1. Application Process: Homeowners or communities interested in replacing lead water service lines would typically need to apply for the grant. This often involves filling out an application form and providing necessary documentation.

  2. Eligibility: Eligibility criteria can vary, but typically, priority is given to areas with a higher risk of lead contamination or to low-income households that may not have the financial means to replace lead pipes on their own.

  3. Funding Amount: The grant may cover some or all of the costs associated with lead service line replacement. The funding amount can vary, and in some cases, it might be a fixed amount or a percentage of the total project cost.

  4. Contractors and Compliance: Homeowners or communities would need to hire qualified contractors to perform the lead service line replacement. Contractors must often meet specific requirements and adhere to safety and environmental standards.

  5. Reimbursement or Direct Payment: Depending on the program, the grant funds may be provided as a reimbursement after the work is completed and verified, or they may be paid directly to the contractor.

  6. Follow-up Testing: After the replacement, water quality testing is usually conducted to ensure that lead levels are within safe limits. This may be a requirement for grant approval.

  7. Reporting and Documentation: Participants are often required to provide documentation and reports to demonstrate that the work was completed according to the program’s guidelines.

  8. Monitoring and Compliance: Regulatory agencies or grant administrators may monitor the progress of lead service line replacement projects to ensure compliance with program rules and regulations.

It’s important to note that the availability and details of lead water mains replacement grants can change over time and may vary by location.

Here at ADI Leak Detection we specialise in water mains leak detection and replacement.

We find water leaks on water mains of any length, below any surface!

We install or replace water mains over 30 meters in length using our top of the range horizonal drilling equipment

We serve all of Cambridgeshire, including Soham and all surrounding towns and villages.

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