Water Mains Leak Detection

Do you have an unexpectedly high water bill? or low water pressure? You may have a leaking water mains! Our specialist water leak detection engineers use a wide range of specialist leak detection equipment along with their years of experience to pinpoint the exact location of water mains leaks. We find water mains leaks for residential, commercial & industrial clients throughout England, Scotland & Wales. As a Water Safe Quality Assured  and CIPHE Registered plumbing company we are also able to carry out water mains repairs and new supply pipe installations.

Signs Of A Leaking Water Main Supply Pipe 

Low Water Pressure

If the water is leaking out of your water mains supply pipe it could cause a drop in water pressure.

The size of the the leak will affect the amount of water pressure that is lost.

Low Flow Rates

Low flow rates is when water is not coming out of your taps as quickly as normal.

A low flow rate can be caused by a leaking water main.

A Waterlogged Garden

A waterlogged area in your garden or on your driveway is a sign of a leaking water mains.

Water escapes from the supply pipe and can rise to the surface – creating a waterlogged area.

Water Mains Leak Detection Methods

Acoustic Listening Devices

Acoustic leak detection technology uses a highly sensitive and accurate microphone which is able to detect the sound of leaking water underground.

Leak Noise Correlators

Correlation sensors are placed on the water pipe on either side of the suspected leak, and then they send out signals that bounce off the leak’s location.

The technology then uses a mathematical formula to identify where the leak is. 

Cat & Genny

Cat and Gennys are used to identify the exact location of underground pipes. 

Cat and Genny play a role in locating water pipes underground before tracer gases and acoustics are used.

Tracer Gas Leak Testing

Tracer gases are made up of 5% Hydrogen and 95% Nitrogen. The compressed gas is introduced into the water main supply pipe and escapes at the leak locating.

The gas rises to the surfaces and is detected using tracer gas sensor.

Water Mains Leak Detection FAQs

Yes, any good quality home insurance policy will cover water mains leaks as standard, but as with all insurance policies, it is important to read the small print just to confirm. 

Absolutely; depending on the size and location of the property, we can use any of the methods mentioned above to find your leak quickly and accurately. 

The person responsible for a leaking water main depends on the leak’s specific location.

If the leak is in the main road, outside of your property boundary, then it is the water company’s responsibility; if the leak is inside your boundary walls, then the responsibility for a repair or water supply pipe replacement lies with you as the property owner or the landlord if you are a tenant. 

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