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Impact Moling From 20mm to 32mm – From 1 – 10 Meter Single Runs


At Trenchless Technology Ltd Impact Moling is just one of the three forms of underground technologies that we utilize.

Impact Moling is used to create brand new pipe runs underground, or to replace existing pipe runs by creating new runs next to the aged/faulty existing runs or where existing pipework can not be accessed.

Impact Moling works by utilizing a sending pit (where the mole is sent from) and a receiving pit (where the mole moles its way from the sending pit to). Both of these pits need to be approx 1 meter x 1 meter x 1 meter. Our teams carry out these excavation points in the most cost effective points for you – where possible.


Impact Moling is not always plain sailing, it does come with some risks and time consuming tasks when compared to other forms of underground pipe replacement.

  • Maximum Recommended Mole Run Of Only 10 Meters – (This is the maximum distance between sending & receiving pits, however multiple runs can be carried out for runs of over 10 meters)
  • The Process does create vibrations through the ground, therefore moling carries a risk of damage to other underground services
  • The Mole is positioned in the sending pit at the correct angle to reach the receiving pit, however rocks can cause the mole to go “off route” – causing additional expense & possible damage to other underground services.

These risks associated with Impact Moling are reasonably uncommon, however where we are unable to use any other form of underground pipe replacement technology we would still need to use a mole, or resort to costly traditional open trench techniques.

Impact Moling Specifications

  • Installation of underground pipework from 20mm to 32mm

Common Uses for underground moling services

  • Water Main Installation / Replacement
  • Electrical Ducting Installation / Replacement
  • Gas Main Installation / Replacement
  • Ducting Installation / Replacement
  • Irrigation Installation / Replacement

Here at Trenchless Technology Ltd we are able to impact mole upto 180mm in diameter over a length of 10 meters – we are however able to provide multiple runs on site in order to cover any required distance.

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