Water Mains Installations

Are you in need of a new water main installation?

Are you searching for a company that has the experience, expertise and equipment to install and connect a brand new mains water supply pipe?

If so, then ADI Water Mains Replacement is the company you have been searching for!

We are specialists in installing new water mains supply pipes and utilize the most cost effective methods of laying new water supply pipes.

We have invested in the latest Horizontal Drilling equipment to go alongside our impact moling equipment – allowing us to provide a complete water mains installation service.

We can install under virtually any surface including roads, small rivers, driveways and even under houses!

Commercial or Residential Water Mains Installations

We offer new water mains installations for both residential and commercial properties.

If you need a brand new water mains installation or to upgrade your current water mains supply our team are ready to help.

As a water mains installation contractor we install new water mains over a wide range of distances.

Shorter distance installations (1-20 meters) Moling is usually the the most cost effective option.

For longer distances (20+ meters) Horizontal Directional Drilling is usually the fastest and most cost effective method of installation.

Water Mains Installation Methods

Horizontal Directional Drilling

Directional Drilling is the least disruptive method of laying a new water supply pipe and is a method we specialise in.
We can install up to 100 meters of new water supply pipe in a single working day using directional boring!


ADI Water Mains Replacement Services use Impact Moling on shorter distance installations where Horizontal Directional Drilling is not a cost effective solution.

Moiling is less destructive than trenching and is the solution used by most water mains installation companies.

Trench Digging

Trench Digging is the most destructive method used for water mains replacement. Trenching is a great solution if installing a new water main across a field.

Why Choose ADI Water Mains Replacement To Install Your New Water Mains Supply

At ADI Water Mains Replacement we offer a full and comprehensive service including