Water Mains Replacement Specialists

Specialists In Replacing Water Mains Over 50 Meters Using Horizontal Drilling Technology

Are you looking for a reliable & efficient water mains replacement specialist to replace your water main with minimal disruption?

Using the latest horizontal drilling technology, ADI Water Mains Replacement can replace or install new water mains / utility ducting without causing excessive mess or disruption – keeping your remedial costs to a absolute minimum!

Our horizontal directional drilling equipment allows us to replace from 50 to 100 meters of water mains or ducting in a single day.

Water Mains Replacement Methods

Horizontal Directional Drilling

Horizontal Directional Drilling benefits from being the least impactful way to install or replace underground water mains pipes.

Horizontal Directional Drilling is most likely to be cost-effective on lengths of over 20 metres or more. Directional drilling uses a specialist drilling rig to drill a pilot hole with precision and then pull the pipe back through the pilot hole.

The perfect solution for saving your driveway, garden or any other landscaped area from the destructive process of installing a new water main with minimal mess.


Moling is the method most commonly used by water mains replacement contractors.

We provide moling services alongside our Horizontal directional drilling services.

Moling is most suited to lengths of less than 20 meters or non landscaped surfaces.

Moling uses a specialist piece of machinery (Mole) powered by a pneumatic drill to force its way through the ground creating a pathway in its wake for the installation of a new water mains.

Moling can be very messy, time consuming and can put areas out of use for long periods of time!

Trench Digging

Trench Digging is the oldest method used for water mains replacement. As the name suggests, it involves manually digging a narrow trench in the ground to enable the installation, inspection, and/or replacement of water mains pipes.

The process of digging a trench is highly disruptive and time consuming. Trenching is associated with high remedial costs for landscaped surfaces.

Trenching is best suited for new build sites, where surface displcement is not a cause for concern.

Trench Digging is most definitely messy, very time consuming and will definitely put areas out of use for long periods of time!

Why Choose ADI To Replace Your Water Main Supply Pipe

Reliable & Experienced

Quality Workmanship

Fixed, Competitive Prices

Water Board Approved Engineers

£5 Million Public Liability Insurance Cover

Insurance Approved Reporting

Our Range Of Water Mains Services

New Water Mains Installations

If you need a new water main installed or an aging supply supply pipe replaced then our dedicated mains replacement teams are ready to help.

Reasons for replacing or installing a new water main include poor water pressure, replacing a lead water main or a supplying water to a new building.

Water Mains Supply Pipe Repairs

Once a water leak has been identified, our fully qualified technicians are able to repair the water main, saving time, expense and damage to your property.

Water Mains Leak Detection

At ADI Leak Detection, water mains leak detection is the original service we provided and is an industry that we essentially created.

As a company who likes to be at the forefront of technology and innovation, we developed minimally invasive, intelligent-led processes to identify and locate the sources of leaks in water mains.


Yes, as the dangers of lead leaking into our water have become more widely understood, we regularly are employed to replace lead water mains. 

Yes, this is another service that we offer to homeowners. Many people are under the mistaken impression that the water company is responsible for house water mains replacement, but their responsibility ends at the border of your property. We are often contacted by distressed homeowners in need of our assistance.

Once again, due to our excellent reputation within the industry, we regularly are called upon to replace commercial water supply pipes. This is why you can contact ADI Water Mains Replacement, safe in the knowledge that you will get a professional, reliable and cost-effective service. 

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