Water Mains Leak Repairs

Nationwide Water Main Repairs

As a specialist water mains leak detection and replacement company we carry out water main repairs.

We only provide water mains repairs as part of a water mains leak detection service – not as a standalone service. This is because we need to know the exact location of the leak to carry out a repair with minimum disruption.

In the instance the water main is damaged beyond repair then we are able to provide a complete water mains replacement service – which will be quoted as a separate project on another day.

Our water mains engineers are strategically located around England, Scotland & Wales: we can serve you in any location!

If A Water Mains Supply Pipe Is Leaking Whose Responsibility Is It? 

If a water mains leak is within your property boundary then unfortunately, it is your responsibility.

The water mains supply typically runs between two stop cocks, the main one in the street and an internal stop cock.

There are three common symptoms when a leak arises between these two stop cocks.

The first is that the house could be suffering from low water pressure.

The second is the potential damage that the leaking water can cause, and the third is the potentially high water bill that can transpire if the leak is not identified and repaired as a matter of priority.

ADI Leak Detection – The Nationwide Leak Detection Company

Here at ADI we have a nationwide network of water mains leak detection and repair specialists that can serve you anywhere within the UK.

We can then find and fix the leak, typically within the same day.

Typically although not always, the leak normally originates from one section of the pipe, and the preferred solution is referred to as a point repair.

A point repair is when we remove the damaged section of the water mains pipe, replacing it with a new section of pristine pipework.

Our engineers pressure test the water mains following a repair, this confirms the repair is successful and that there are no further water leaks on the water supply pipe.

The Latest Leak Tracing Technology

Here at ADI Leak Detection we consistently invest in the latest water mains leak detection technology in order to deliver the best possible service.

We use advanced leak tracing technology to pinpoint the location of underfloor and underground water leaks – this in turn reduces the amount of mess and disruption caused to repair the water leak.

Not only is the job completed quicker but because of the accuracy and expertise of our engineers, we only have to dig up the smallest amount of pathway or garden – precisely where the leak is.

This in turn saves you, as our customer the hassle, and expense both during and after the work has been completed.

Call Us Today For An Efficient Water Mains Leak Detection Service

A water mains leak in your property can be worrying, don’t panic!

Our experienced and professional team are here to help you every step of the way from the moment you call!

Our friendly customer service team are ready and awaiting your call and are able to advise on the next steps.

Our network of leak detection specialists are located across England, Scotland & Wales – a truly nationwide leak detection service ready to serve you!