Poor Water Pressure

Poor water pressure can be frustrating for every member of the family. Showers don’t have sufficient force, hose pipes deliver a pathetic trickle, and as for filling up a bath, you may as well forget it.

What Are The Main Causes for Poor Water Pressure?

Water Leak

There can be a number of reasons that can cause poor water pressure, but the biggest concern and the one that needs looking into as a matter of urgency, is that you could have a leak. An undetected leak in the mains water supply could cause catastrophic damage to the foundations of your property, not to mention the wasted water, which is why you need to deal with it as quickly as possible.

Here at ADI Water Mains Replacement we are the renowned experts in the market for locating water leaks regardless of the circumstances.

We regularly find leaks where other companies have failed, and that is one of the key foundations of our success.

If the reason behind your poor water pressure is leak related then we firmly believe that no other company in the United Kingdom will be able to locate the leak quicker, then ADI Leak Detection. Once the leak has been located we are able to fix it, or replace the water supply pipe quickly and efficiently, which in turn should rectify the poor water pressure problem.

Water Meter Valve

A common fault that causes poor water pressure is a closed or partially open valve. Sometimes we find that when people have work completed on their property the water valve may have been closed to enable the work. If one of the two main shutoff valves have not been fully reopened again, then this could be the cause of your low water pressure.

It could be worth getting a local plumber to check both valves are fully open and are operating correctly.

We recommend the CIPHE website for finding a reliable local plumber.

If the plumber confirms that the valves are operating correctly it may be worth getting your local water supplier to check your water pressure. The problem may be outside of your boundary and is therefore the water suppliers responsibility.

If the water board confirm you have a water leak then we are able to assist with our water main leak detection, repair and replacement services.

Debris Buildup In The Pipes

There are a number of reasons for debris build up in water supply pipes including mineral deposits and debris entering the supply pipes during repairs further up the supply line.

When engineers are repairing a water mains leak there is always a risk of debris entering the supply pipes and then getting washed down the supply network, eventually coming to rest at a narrowing and reducing water pressure.

Crushed or Misshaped Pipes

Due to water supply pipes being buried underground there is always a risk of the pipes getting crushed. This can be due to reasons including earth movement such as small earthquakes, tree roots compacting the pipes.

The disfigurement of the pipework can reduce the flow of water causing low water pressure.

Pressure testing will not confirm if a pipe is crushed or not, taking flow rate readings will allow you to test if a pipe has been crushed.

Contact ADI For Help With Poor Water Pressure In Your Home

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